Capturing Your Special Day

So you’re still on Cloud 9 and nearly home, having had the the time of your lives – you planned an amazing wedding, it went without a hitch, followed by the honeymoon of your dreams and so it only feels right that the photographs will follow suit. All those magical moments you’re looking forward to seeing..

When you surprised your little flower girl with a special gift.

The look you shared when your fiancee turned to see you coming down the aisle.

When dad couldn’t get his words out as the speeches took place and mum held his hand to reassure and everyone held their breath!

The joy and relief you all felt that Nan was there to be apart of the day especially when she got on the dance floor!

The rings, the flowers, the dresses, the sunshine, the laughter and of course the love …

All these captured in moments so the memories keep coming back every time you look at them.

The way I'll approach your wedding

Every wedding is different and having photographed some lovely weddings over the years for me ‘It’s all about the feeling’

The way you are together, how you look at each other, what makes you laugh and what ‘if anything’ makes you cry!!

These are ‘the feelings’ that I want to capture on the day.

I love finding out how you met and did you know straight away or have you been together for years and never thought this day would come!

No one truly knows exactly how their day will go, as sometimes things happen out of our control and by being adaptable and realistic helps but I just know that I will do my utmost to make it special for you by keeping the energy and excitement going and ensuring you and your guests feel relaxed and comfortable around the camera throughout the day.

As we won’t get another chance!