Profiles with Personality

So you’re busy juggling office work and home life and now to add to your TO DO LIST you’re considering updating your profile and maybe a few extra shots for your website marketing!  As you’ve heard a new profile can change the way you feel about yourself and your workplace!
Is it really worth it?! Haven’t I got enough to do and do I really need the hassle?!
What’s it going to involve? How long is it all going to take?
Am I going to need a new outfit, a new hairstyle, a manicure etc etc to add to the stress.
Will I feel silly, will I be taken somewhere where there’s loads of people gawping!
All this is enough to encourage you to put it off for yet another year!
Mind you, you’ve been told “A good Headshot could change your life!”
And it’s true, a good headshot can turn heads, can start a conversation, can gain looks from others that maybe hadn’t noticed you before, can give you some new found respect amongst the business world and help move you up the ladder and release some of the financial strains.
“When I’m asked to do a headshot for an online profile, the No.1 request is for authenticity – with a combination of professional, approachable, confident, depending on the business sector.
I prefer to use natural light whenever possible; most people seem to find it easier to relax and just be themselves when we’re outside”. Although I do have a photographic studio if you prefer more privacy.
Getting the right portrait shots with minimal fuss is what I do best – this can take as little or as long as you like and can be even done in your lunch break if time is an issue.
My Packages:-
Short and Sweet – £125
Up to 60 min shoot, 2 outfit changes, 4 lightly-edited digital images.
Take your Time – £199
120 min shoot, 5 outfit changes, 10 lightly-edited digital images.
The Full Mark – £249
2hrs 30, unlimited outfit changes, all digital images.
Ideal for your Web Marketing, Brochure or Press Release Images, Social Media Platforms and Blog Images set in more bespoke surroundings.
Company Time – POA
Bespoke Package.
Please contact me for a chat if you’re looking for new group or headshots for your team.
A good headshot  should show your personality, should capture your unique personal brand …and most of all give you the inner confidence we all lack now and again to think you’re not too bad after all and should be proud of where you’ve got to and help you focus on the journey ahead..
So that’s a lot of ask from one photo so you’ll then be thinking where do I find a photographer who can do all this, and be able to calm and relax you when all around is full on, to show a combination of professional, approachable, confidence to suit your style of business.
By finding the right photographer this will take away your fears.