A little more about me

“Relax! It’s just a Camera!”  “Ha ha, easier said than done when you’re put in that situation…

My Passion is People…
I often get told I’m great at putting people at ease.
I’m not one to blow my own trumpet but it’s lovely to hear as most of us hate having our photograph taken! I’m no exception, as I’ll be the first to pull a silly face when someone says c’mon Helen let’s get a nice one of you!

I don’t know how I do this ‘relaxing thing’ I just like those around me to feel comfortable in my company.

I love working with people, I love to interact, listen and laugh and find out what makes them tick. I genuinely would rather be out and about chatting all day long, come rain or shine, (camera in hand) than hidden away in my office!

I’d like to think that working in this relaxed fuss-free way, will help you feel good about the whole experience so you can enjoy yourself and get the results you’re after.

My background hasn’t always been in photography and I suppose this is why I am the type of photographer I am today … when I worked in hospitality I loved being front of house, meeting and greeting guests, ensuring they had everything they needed and had a great time in doing so and I feel the same is needed for my style of photography. I want my clients to feel special, comfortable, knowing that this is their Special Day and they can relax as I will be there to ensure this happens and be there for their guests, helping bring the family together to ensure no one is left out!

This way, I find the worry is forgotten about and the laughter starts. Bringing the photos to life!”