I’ve always had a passion for people and capturing every moment.  I think this stems from my dad, he was a lively chatty man who loved being in the thick of it and lived life to the full meeting some great people along the way then always coming home and documenting it in stories and photographs! We’ve been told we were very similar!!

My career hasn’t always been in photography but mostly working with people has.  I think the two go hand in hand.  It was only when my children were small and I enjoyed taking photographs of them that I decided to join a Nationwide company photographing school children.  I loved this job, I mastered the art of making children laugh by throwing a toy frog on my head, ensuring they all relaxed in my company to get the image the parents wished for in the short amount of time I had.  The work was fast paced and you had to adapt quickly but there was never a dull moment!

For months my friends would say ‘you have an eye for this why don’t you go it alone…especially as someone has asked you to do their wedding!’ But I worked with some great people and my loyalty was with them, plus I never felt 100 % confident.

Until one day I just woke up and thought that’s it I’m going to do it and have never looked back!

My first wedding came and went and I survived (although it felt like I was having a nervous breakdown at the time!), I had fantastic feedback and was told my ‘photos showed emotion and personality’ and that I was ‘professional but at the same time relaxing to be around’.

And so as my confidence grew more Wedding bookings were made together with an investment in a garden studio for Portraits and Family Shoots and also somewhere to work in.. Livebythelens Photography was formed.

I am forever grateful to my friends who encouraged me to take this leap and the couple who had faith in me to make their Wedding Day Special.  Since then I have met and photographed some amazing people, who still tell me they have my photos all over their homes and others who’s profile photos are still working well for them .. which gives me a warm glow inside that I did the right thing and I’m doing what I love!