‘In this fast paced, dare I say swipe to the left, swipe to the right society, it seems to me that you only get 2/3 seconds to make an impression on somebody from that tiny little image alongside your profile, so I feel it’s important that you get it right first time and make that image work for you.  I’m sure it’s a daunting enough process going on a dating site in the first place, never mind then having to come up with some exciting blurb about yourself followed by a fab photo!


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everyone who’s on a dating site should give me a call today ad book a slot, although that would be nice, but really I want you to take a look at what you’re offering, what does your profile say about you? Is this the real you? Is it going to attract the person you’d like it to?

So alongside your photo, is your profile, where you’d be writing three or more sentences I’m guessing to sum up your personality, what you like doing, your status at home and at work and all these you would have given careful thought and time to ensure what you say feels right to you.  It can be an ongoing expensive process paying out for dating subscriptions, new outfits, transport and then going halves on meals out!


Be yourself …If you’re happiest in jeans and a t shirt then show that, if you’re a shirt and tie kind of guy and that makes you feel good then wear that as your confidence will show when you have your photograph taken.  I want to capture the ‘real you’, feeling relaxed and having a good time, so our photoshoots are more about ‘hanging out together’ and having a laugh rather than posing and making you feel awkward posing for a ‘formal shoot’.

I find if you engage with others then they respond well and enjoy talking about themselves, share stories, laugh and then this brings the best out of people so when they see the camera they don’t look horrified, they’ll just think oh here’s Helen with her camera again!

Online dating can be a very positive experience as I have witnessed myself – from photographing a couple of my bride and grooms weddings who’d met online and never thought this day would come and have never looked back as still blissfully happy today!

I have also recently photographed a lady who’s presence on the dating site shot up hugely once her new profile photo was uploaded.  She responded by saying how excited she felt from such positive feedback from her photo and once again had faith. It was a great boost to her confidence and all this from spending a morning together in the park – this lady had a great zest for life, was kind, caring and this (I thought) didn’t reflect in her previous images so was what I wanted to capture from our time together.

For online dating, I think Natural Shots reflecting The Real You will benefit you more, showing that if you prefer the quieter life, reading, visiting coffee shops or museums then this could reflect in your photos or if you’re more ‘outdoorsy’ and happier throwing leaves in the air or hugging trees, then that’s what we need to capture!

Most of all just be yourself and leave the rest to the photographer!’